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Legendary: Noir

Mesajde adelindumitru » 05 Apr 2017, 14:17

Salut, sper că nu e nici o problemă că e în engleză, dar deja îl scrisesem pentru r/boardgames.

Legendary: Noir is the newest installment in the Legendary: Marvel series. The 7th small box expansion, the box features characters from Earth-90214, a parallel universe in which heroes and villains do not have superpowers but instead have to rely on their cunning and wits.

The heroes included in the game are the Noir versions of Angel, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Man and Spider-Man. The Masterminds are Charles Xavier (Professor of Crime) and The Goblin (Underworld Boss), leading X-men Noir and Goblin's Freak Show. There are also 4 schemes included, alongside a promo card for the first printing, Detective Wolverine.

One of the things that first strikes you as you unbox the game is that the artwork is exquisite. The artists have really outdone themselves, and Upper Deck finally listened to the fans and added more villains in the villain groups. We have 8 different X-men and 7 different members of the Goblin's Freak Show (for whatever reason, there are 2 copies of the Vulture). The artwork is gritty but very thematic, and it makes you feel like you are in a detective story, so thumbs up for that. If you are unlucky, you might get a package of bent cards, as I did, but the cardstock seems to be of higher quality than usually, so I won't complain.

Two new keywords heavily featured are Investigate and Hidden Witness. Investigate has you look at the top two cards of your deck (or the villain deck, the hero deck and even the bystander stack). You may have to investigate for something specific, and if you succeed in finding that card you have to draw it. Otherwise, you either put the cards back on top of the deck or on the bottom of the deck. It's an interesting twist on the ol' plain "draw a card" and it's really fun. Hidden Witnesses are bystanders, but these are face-down bystanders. You cannot attack villains that have captured hidden witnesses and you cannot recruit heroes who have hidden witnesses. On your turn, you may pay 2 recruit in order to rescue a hidden witness, who becomes a regular bystander once she gets to your victory pile.

The schemes are all very interesting. I especially like Five families of crime, which adds 2 villain groups and splits the villain deck in 5 smaller decks, each with its own city space. Find the split personality killer adds bystanders and heroes in a pile, and when the 6th twist is drawn you have to guess which hero has the most cards in the pile. The players who guessed correctly win the game, the others lose. There is another scheme that captures hidden witnesses and if a certain number of those are knocked out you lose. I haven't played the last scheme, Hidden Heart of Darkness.

The Mastermind are mid to upper tier. Charles Xavier adds hidden witnesses to the HQ, making it more difficult to recruit heroes. he also gets +1 attack for each bystander in the city/HQ, which makes him a force to be reckoned with. The Goblin is more straightforward, but he adds to himself a lot of hidden witnesses, which make it more difficult to attack him. By the time you cleared him of hidden witnesses his strike might add more, so you never know if you are going to be able to fight him even if you have lots of attack powers. You really need a balanced deck in order to be able to defeat him, which is something that I appreciate.

The schemes, masterminds and villains all interact intensely with the Bystander stack. If the Deadpool expansion made you get lots of Wounds, the Noir expansion brings to the forth the Bystander stack, which is something I enjoy very much. If you use all the contents from the new expansion, you might even see the Bystander stack depleted if you have only the base game (i saw the bystander game depleted in one game and I mixed together the bystanders from villains, secret wars 2 and civil war!).

The heroes are well designed, and even the least interesting one, Angel (one of his cards also has the ugliest artwork in the game, I'll let you discover which one), are fun to use. Spidey works greatly with Iron Man, as both have lots of tech and ranged cards. Spidey investigates the hero deck and the bystander stack, while Iron Man has one cool card that lets you reuse the fight effect of a villain from your victory pile. Luke Cage is a beast on his own (and I think he might work greatly with his less interesting, but still alright counterpart in Civil War), while Daredevil and Angel work very well together.

All in all, it's a great expansion. I am sad that it is the second box in which we lack a female hero, but the fact that we get a worthy Luke Cage kinda makes up for that. I highly recommend this expansion and I cannot wait to see what Devin Low and the gang have in store for the X-men big box. I'm looking forward to any questions you might have regarding the set or Legendary in general. Thanks for reading!
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