Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen age"

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Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen age"

Post: # 79888Post labandanako
23 May 2017, 12:42


I'm a french guy with step family in Romania.
I want to initiate my nephew to board gaming so on every occasion I bring him a board game with rules easy to understand, I already offered him Kingdmino & Mr jack pocket and we played them a lot.
On my next trip I plan to bring him "8 minutes kingdom" and "les batisseurs moyen age" (or builders middle age).
For the first one I found a romanian video on youtube to explain mechanisms but for the second one, nothing, even on BGG.
Does someone in this community already performed a text ttranslation for this game (or for both, better have something written than a video)


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Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79895Post Haddeo
23 May 2017, 13:50


Unfortunately i don't think you will find rules translation for builders middle age but i can offer some suggestions of games that have translations:
Ice Cool, Carcassonne, Lost cities, Imhotep, Agricola Family Edition, Patchwork, Cacao, Copa, Dominion
Most of them also have a Romanian edition so you can buy them from here :).
But what if they are creating the disaster within themselves?
Things are OK now but I never know when it's going to change.

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Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79900Post cristianf
23 May 2017, 14:47


Les batisseurs is quite easy to play. You shouldn't have any problems playing it with the following translation of the description of the game from BGG:

In joc sunt 2 feluri de carti: muncitori si cladiri. Jucatorii castiga puncte (si bani) construind cladirile cu ajutorul muncitorilor, care trebuie platiti. Fiecare cladire/muncitor are 4 caracteristici (zidarie, dulgherie, arhitectura si acoperis) cu valori cuprinse intre 0 si 5. Pentru a termina o constructie, jucatorul trebuie sa adauge suficienti muncitori pentru a acoperi necesarul caracteristicilor cladirii.

Fiecare jucator incepe cu 10 bani si un ucenic. Cartile se amesteca, se aseaza pe masa in 2 teancuri (unul de muncitori si unul de cladiri) si se trag primele 5 carti din fiecare teanc. Pe tura ta poti sa faci 3 actiuni si poti cumpara actiuni suplimentare pentru 5 bani fiecare. Actiunile posibile sunt :

Deschizi un santier - iei una din cele 5 cladiri disponibile si o asezi in fata ta; spatiul ramas liber se completeaza imediat cu o carte noua din teancul de cladiri
Recrutezi un muncitor - iei unul din cei 5 muncitori disponibili si il asezi in fata ta; spatiul ramas liber se completeaza imediat cu o carte noua din teancul de muncitori
Trimiti un muncitor pe santier - platesti salariul muncitorului (coltul dreapta sus), si il asezi la una din cladirile tale. Cand indeplinesti cerintele cladirii, castigi punctele si banii scrise pe ea, dupa care intorci cartea. Muncitorul devine din nou disponibil pentru a fi trimis pe alt santier. Daca vrei sa trimiti mai multi muncitori in aceeasi tura pe acelasi santier, primul muncitor consuma 1 actiune, al doilea muncitor 2 actiuni, al treilea muncitor 3 actiuni, etc.. (de ex. daca vrei sa trimiti intr-o tura 3 muncitori, 2 pe un santier si 1 pe alt santier ai nevoie de 1+2+1=4 actiuni asa ca vei fi nevoit sa cumperi o actiune in plus pe langa cele 3 din oficiu).
Primesti bani - poti sa renunti la 1/2/3 din actiunile tale si castigi 1/3/6 bani.

Unele cladiri devin unelte atunci cand sunt gata si le poti folosi la constructia altor cladiri. Spre diferenta de muncitori, nu trebuie platite. Imediat ce un jucator are 17 puncte se termina runda astfel incat toti jucatorii sa aiba acelasi numar de ture jucate. Se calculeaza punctele de pe cladirile completate si se aduna 1 punct pentru fiecare 10 bani ramasi. Jucatorul cu cele mai multe puncte castiga.

Hope it helps !

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Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79901Post DanielIndru
23 May 2017, 14:48

You should also check this list of translated rules: ... ba-romana/


Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79903Post labandanako
23 May 2017, 15:39

thanks for your help !
I konw the game, i'm an assumed bgg :)
but my wish was to leave the game with a documentation in limba romana for future plays without me

Really pleased to see there is a BG community in Romania !
Some of you are around Pitesti ? I'm going to spend summer vacations there and some evening session of BG would be fantastic (didn't find anything relevant with the word Pitesti in the forum).
If I were car tuning fan I would have no issue in finding mates in this city, but for BG it seems quite harder :)

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Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79904Post adelindumitru
23 May 2017, 16:00

Hi, I am from Piteşti but currently live in Bucharest. As far as I know the community of boardgamers in Piteşti is very small. I know a couple of months ago there was a boardgames event at a pub (Hush). The only place in town that has a couple of boardgames is La Librărie, Mon Cher,on the street Sfânta Vineri no. 27, but do not expect anything other than Catan, Power Grid, Carcassonne.


Re: Translation "8 minutes kingdom" & "les batisseurs moyen

Post: # 79905Post labandanako
23 May 2017, 16:11

If you're returning to Pitesti in august, I would be happy to play some 2 (or more !) player games with you (7 wonders duel, star realms...) :)

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