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Va rugam sa postati in aceasta sectiune doar topic-uri legate de reguli sau regulamente ale jocurilor precum si diverse variante oficiale sau neoficiale (care pot fi apoi bineinteles discutate in cadrul threadurilor respective).

Pentru discutiile generale necentrate pe reguli si variante va invitam in forumul Discutii generale.
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Scripts & Scribes - The Dice Game: Author's Official Rules

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12 Oct 2013, 12:07

For those who enjoy my Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game, I've revisited some of the rules and made some "house rules" that would become official revisions to the current rules, if I ever published it again (which will be unlikely in the foreseeable future). In any case, here are the suggested revisions.

1) Delete the "hand limit" rule. I already talked about this here: ... nd-limit-r...

2) For the "auction for gold", I've added the following rule: "The winner of the auction must remove a token that has either (1) advanced at least 4 spaces up its track or (2) is in 1st or 2nd place on the track (cubes still in the starting space do not count as tied for 1st/2nd in this case)". If a player removes a token that has passed a gold coin, then the gold coins may now be "live" again, so that it is as if the player never collected them (even though the coin(s) were collected and need not be returned).

3) The "auction for gold" does not occur during the first round of the game. if it is rolled, turn the die to "3" gold and play it that way.

4) During set-up in a 5-player game, the 5th player gets 4 gold (as normal), but also rolls 1 of the resource dice and moves up 1 space in the track shown on the die.

5) During set-up for a 5-player game, start with the cubes in the same space as for 4 players.

Although these rule changes are not necessary, I do think these small adjustments help make the game a little better.


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